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Staley family backyard garden

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: United States
Garden Size: 25' 9" x 18' 9"
Garden Type: Backyard / back garden
Garden Layout: Raised Beds
Sun or Shade: Partial Shade
Garden Soil Type: Good soil

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Alyssum 45"5" x 5" 
Basil 67"5" x 9" 
Beans (Bush Snap) 159"5" x 1' 1"Plant these by seed. Direct sow, fingernail deep, approximately 6 inches apart.
Eggplant 41' 3"1' 1" x 1' 5" 
Lettuce (Leaf) 103"3" x 5"This plant will not last into summer, but plant it now and enjoy it while you can.
Marigold 167"7" x 7" 
Onion (Perennial) 25"5" x 5"Plant these from the grocery store. Cut the green tops off and plant the white bulbs. Give them about 6" of space and plant them anywhere you like.
Oregano 27"5" x 9"Plant these in the corners of your bed and let them spill out of the bed and over the sides for a beautiful show.
Parsley 65"3" x 9" 
Pepper 61' 1"11" x 1' 3"Choose any variety, but 'Gypsy' is my favorite.
Spinach (Malabar) 411"9" x 1' 1"Plant these by seed around the suggested obelisk. Plant fingernail deep approximately 10" apart.
Squash (Summer) 31' 11"1' 11" x 1' 11"Any variety of squash or zucchini can be planted. A favorite is 'Fordhook' zucchini.
Swiss Chard 41' 1"11" x 1' 3" 
Tomato (Large) 31' 7"1' 5" x 1' 11"Be sure to plant an 'Early Girl' tomato and then choose 2 others that you like from the nursery. 'Early Girl' will give you lots of beautiful tomatoes much sooner than other varieties.
Tomato (Small) 41' 7"1' 5" x 1' 11"On your arch trellis, any cherry or grape variety will grow beautifully. Try 'Sungold' for a gorgeous orange showing all summer long.

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