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1. Silverstein (2017)

60' x 30' (18m x 9m)

2. scotland school garden (2017)

45' x 25' (14m x 7m)
school garden

3. Veggie Garden (2017)

23' x 19' (7m x 6m)
Veggie Garden

4. Rastlinjak (2017)

19' x 8' (5m x 2m)

5. Seo (2017)

60' x 60' (18m x 18m)

6. Doster (2017)

29' x 25' (9m x 7m)

7. PSU Smith Phase I (2017)

49' x 16' (15m x 5m)
Student garden

8. Grennhouses (2017)

25' x 8' (7m x 2m)
Our greenhouses

9. Lynn's Community Plot (2017)

Simi Valley CA
11' x 21' (3m x 6m)
My Community Garden plot

10. Outside Walled Garden Right (2018)

91' x 62' (28m x 19m)
Irrigation polytunnel

11. Soltner garden (2017)

40' x 39' (12m x 12m)
My garden

12. Binky's Garden (2017)

Richmond, Virginia
29' x 17' (9m x 5m)
Raised garden beds for spring/summer 2017. I tried a more vigorous approach to companion planting this year.

13. Sabine's happiness (2017)

Silverdale, WA
54' x 50' (16m x 15m)
Last year's poor soil and poorly planned bed's got us to rethink what we are doing. Thanks to the Garden planner from Territorial seed company this year will be better with actual time spend on planning and better execution. We should have an amazing garden from here on out.

14. Spring (2017)

26' x 18' (8m x 5m)
Veggie and herb community garden

15. Vebell (2017)

36' x 17' (11m x 5m)

16. Macers (2017)

Watson St
29' x 45' (9m x 13m)
Garden Orientation E W . House faces North Line of immature cedars on South fenceline currently 8 ft Boggy corner ( SW ) Exisitng rows at East end of yard- (4) not raised, large apple tree NE corner Proposed raised beds mid garden along with pizza oven.

17. Manning1 (2017)

40' x 23' (12m x 7m)

18. Awesome Garden (2017)

11' x 14' (3m x 4m)
2 4x10 raised beds

19. Fenced Garden (2017)

Landmark, Manitoba, Canada
49' x 34' (15m x 10m)
East facing against the house. White Stucco so lots of sunlight and heat. Stone pathways to be planted with creeping thyme. Second year gardening this plot.

20. White Garden (2017)

Landmark, Manitoba, Canada
35' x 29' (10m x 9m)
Back corner of our back yard. Straight sides are flanked by Willows which make shade. Lilacs around the round part are cut down to two feet tall every year.

21. Garden (2017)

Blaine MN
19' x 14' (6m x 4m)
My 2017 Garden Plan

22. Geris Vegetable Garden (2017)

19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
My Vegetable Garden Plan

23. Paddock (2017)

Palmer Texas
32' x 23' (10m x 7m)
Simple vegetable garden

24. 3Gs Food Forest Phase l (3Gs Phase ll) (2017)

Tres Gunas Farm, Fern Forest, HI
92' x 92' (28m x 28m)
This is Phase l of the Food Forest. We will plant 3 Avocado Trees which bear fruit at different times from each other. There will be also a Orange, Kumquat, Lemon, Fig, Mulberry, Macadamia Nut, Soursop and 2 Mangos. We will also plant Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspbery bushes and Strawberries throughout our plot border. The black circle in the middle of the garden is where the 12 domes and puja room will exist. No fruit trees or bramble bushes will reside within this perimeter. Within the dome perimeter we will be using Raised Keyhole Beds using Square Foot Gardening with Companion Planting. Stay tuned or Stay blind! 3Gs

25. Tres Gunas Farm (domes & keyholes) (2017)

Fern Forest, HI
78' x 78' (24m x 24m)
Tres Gunas Farm Domes and Keyhole with square foot gardening