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1. Breukerkamp (2015)

65' x 14' (20m x 4m)

2. 1st year '141 (2015)

Main Garden
39' x 79' (12m x 24m)
2nd Year

3. Garden0. (2015)

front yard garden
24' x 49' (7m x 15m)

4. Food (2015)

Hayden, Idaho 83835
21' x 24' (6m x 7m)
22' x 25' Culinary Garden. Full sun all day. This is my very first real garden and I am a little nervous, but HOW EXCITING! I need to learn about companion gardening before I finalize this year's plan for my garden. In the meantime, feel free to let me know if you see anything incompatible in my plan. I am grateful for all the advice I can get! Looking forward to eating my own healthy, home grown food!

5. Brent and Brad's Barry Good Produce (2015)

49' x 72' (15m x 22m)
First Run

6. 1st year '14 (2014)

Edinburg, VA
39' x 79' (12m x 24m)
Draper Garden 2014. First year at this location.

7. Firs Road School (2015)

Sale cheshire
49' x 32' (15m x 10m)
School Vegeatable garden With International Soup Theme

8. Rodolfo Copel (2015)

Rodolfo Copel
26' x 26' (8m x 8m)

9. KYLE GARDEN (2015)

Brighton, CO
7' x 15' (2m x 4m)
backyard garden 2015

10. 10 bale garden (2015)

back yard
15' x 9' (4m x 3m)
straw bale garden two rows of five bales each

11. Suare Beds (2015)

Millport NY
60' x 30' (18m x 9m)
Are ground to rocky so my husband made us these boxes

12. Glasswing (2015)

San Juan Sacatepéquez
91' x 36' (28m x 11m)
Huerto Nutricional Byoearth para Centro de recuperación de niños con desnutricón

13. hannahs garden (2015)

25' x 11' (7m x 3m)
hannahs garden

14. Garden (2015)

72' x 39' (22m x 12m)
Vegetable garden

15. English Garden (2015)

English Garden
52' x 26' (16m x 8m)
Raised bed behinf the English Building.

16. SOI Building (2015)

SOI Garden
16' x 16' (5m x 5m)
Small bed near sea

17. James Calabrese (2015)

James Calabrese - Brick
41' x 19' (12m x 6m)
Planted railing/garden; 25 sq. ft. planting space. Client built 4X12 raised bed garden with 3 seasons of vegetables and fruit.

18. Garden (2015)

36' x 62' (11m x 19m)
Fruit/vegetable garden

19. Veg plot (2015)

Chelmsford, Essex, UK
16' x 9' (5m x 3m)
Two small raised beds in partially shady rear garden. Protected from frost by proximity to fences and house

20. uus plaan (2015)

Minu plaan aastaks 2015
32' x 19' (10m x 6m)
Plaanis see sellel aastal kasvama panna. MIskit veel vbl. See alles selgub avaliku arutelu käigus ja rahakotist.

21. Heidi (2015)

Heidi 1 NY
3' x 6' (1m x 2m)
Heidi, here is a possible square foot garden. You can see that some of the items are too big - corn, for example. Your watermelon plant will cascade over the edge to fit.

22. Our Allotment (2015)

15' x 29' (4m x 9m)
Our Vegtable Allotment

23. improved garden (2015)

44' x 19' (13m x 6m)
backyard garden. mixed vegetables and herbs

24. Vegetable Garden (2015)

The Manse Gardens
13' x 24' (4m x 7m)
Vegetable garden plans for the Manse.

25. Hoop House w/beds (2015)

Klein Hoop House
25' x 27' (7m x 8m)
New Orientation of Hoop House with designated beds and paths, and garlic remaining in place until harvested.