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1. garden (2015)

39' x 39' (12m x 12m)
garden plan

2. Backyard Garden (2015)

Forestville, WI
56' x 22' (17m x 7m)
I'm trying a new software program & will see if this plans the garden as promised.

3. 20x19 (2015)

19' x 18' (6m x 5m)
Pour 3 adultes 3 enfants

4. Missy's Garden (2015)

19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
My Veggie Garden 2015

5. expansion 5 no hydro (2016)

mms expansion - limit hydroponics
79' x 39' (24m x 12m)
MMS garden

6. Colleen's Garden (2015)

Brunswick, Ohio
3' x 7' (1m x 2m)
Vegetable Garden

7. 215 viers (2015)

21' x 11' (6m x 3m)
My vegetable garden

8. Lower 40 (2015)

Bristol, TN
64' x 29' (19m x 9m)
Kitchen Garden

9. Claremore (2015)

33' x 21' (10m x 6m)
Planting either near the loafing shed, if there is enough room..... or maybe even in the front yard, but I don't know about that. We also want to add some other berries on the property as well as peach, cherry and apple trees.

10. Waupoos Garden (2015)

Ottawa, Ontario
44' x 19' (13m x 6m)
Waupoos Vegetable Garden

11. Myriam (2015)

Rehoboth Beach, DE
42' x 5' (13m x 1m)
The container-centric design of this plan is to : Focus on repositioinable plantings. Perennials in larger elevated pots (easily replenished for seasonal use). Annuals in raised beds or easily repositionable containers. Abundant irrigation for drip or micro-sprinkler systems. (One per container). Lower number higher volume sprinklers are optional, though do increase the potential for stains on siding. Two arbors are planned to support climbing annual plants. These 'climbers' can also shade for cooler season/light sensitive lettuce.

12. r (2015)

Bromma, Sweden
22' x 39' (7m x 12m)
Odlingslott Räckstå Trädgårdsförening

13. MILLIGAN (2015)

Rolfe, IA
51' x 24' (15m x 7m)
Sam's working garden plan, and future additional project planning.

14. Guenette Lakehouse (2015)

Guenette Lakehouse, Mattagami Lake
49' x 49' (15m x 15m)
Just a little hobby garden, bits and pieces all over our seasonal lake property. First time gardeners.

15. garden (2015)

Belleville, WI
11' x 5' (3m x 1m)
My garden

16. Round 5 (2015)

Myrtle beach
7' x 15' (2m x 4m)

17. 4 Peas in a Pod (2015)

32' x 54' (10m x 16m)
Baby food, animal food, for canning

18. Blackberry Hill Kitchen Garden (2015)

845 10th St. Plainwell, MI 49080
39' x 49' (12m x 15m)
Backyard Garden

19. Christa's garden (2015)

17' x 19' (5m x 6m)
2015 garden plan (sq ft gardening)

20. Jacobs/Rob (2015)

50' x 50' (15m x 15m)

21. Barton Dreams (2015)

Richmond, VA
42' x 18' (12m x 5m)
Planning for the raised beds and herb garden at my new house!

22. My Garden (2015)

My yard
14' x 9' (4m x 3m)
2015 early spring vegetables

23. The Big Smile (2015)

Yonkers NY
21' x 49' (6m x 15m)
We have a small yard. When we moved in it was 99% grass. We are moving towards a prmaculture landscape. Season by season we improve.

24. Martha's Garden (2015)

49' x 49' (15m x 15m)
Martha's Garden

25. Polytunnel (2015)

9' x 19' (3m x 6m)
Pinky and Eddy Polytunnel