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1. Lavender Bed (2016)

Lavender Garden
19' x 19' (6m x 6m)
This garden is south of the workshop and north of the firepit.

2. Garlic Garden (2016)

Plum Tree area east of the house
3' x 35' (1m x 10m)
This is the area along the east boundary of our property.

3. Workshop Raised Beds (2016)

Tomato Garden
9' x 24' (3m x 7m)
This garden is made up of raised beds on the east side of the workshop.

4. Salmon Main Garden (2016)

Main Garden
26' x 47' (8m x 14m)
This is the fenced in garden area

5. Serindipity (2016)

29' x 30' (9m x 9m)
My Dream Garden

6. Organic Production PLan (2016)

32' x 26' (10m x 8m)
Organic Fruit & Vegetables

7. DeWitt Farm 2 (2016)

DeWitt Farm 2
54' x 46' (16m x 14m)
Small fenced garden close to house.

8. borek garden (2016)

34' x 24' (10m x 7m)
Borek Garden.....any gardner thoughts?

9. wcc soilgreenhouse (2016)

wcc plan
64' x 24' (19m x 7m)
This is a plan for the WCC garden, this is for an assingment.

10. New plan (includes all plants) (2016)

Woodstock, Ga
22' x 18' (6m x 5m)
New Garden to enjoy TOMATOES!!

11. CDC Santa Ma. Tequepexpan (2016)

CDC Santa Ma. Tequepexpan
32' x 26' (10m x 8m)
Huerto Comunitario

12. Grow it Forward Community Garden (2016)

Etters Pennsylvania
39' x 59' (12m x 18m)
Yocumtown Church of God Community Garden Pay it Forward garden supplying fresh produce to local aid organizations providing meals for the homeless and food for needy families

13. Andrade (2016)

32' x 40' (9m x 12m)

14. Fenced Garden Area (2016)

59' x 34' (18m x 10m)
Backyard vegetable garden

15. Spring Garden (2016)

Eastern Alabama
22' x 30' (7m x 9m)
Spring Garden to grow our favorites, plus a little extra for our chickens.

16. Roberts garden (2016)

Brier, Washington
43' x 20' (13m x 6m)
Vegetable garden (few flowers) on upper slope of our backyard.

17. Murphy (2016)

Back Yard
7' x 3' (2m x 1m)

18. Barn Farm (2016)

Huntingdon Valley, PA
59' x 45' (18m x 14m)
The Barn Farm. This is a plan for a garden to be planted Spring 2016. We will be planting a variety of vegetables, herbs, and native flowers to attract polinators to the garden. The soil is questionable so we are using a mix of raised beds and in ground beds. We would like to irrigate the garden using low volume dirp irrigation. This plan is part of my Temple University horticulture project.

19. Hotel Del Herb 1500 (2016)

39' x 77' (12m x 23m)
Herb Farm

20. Barney Plot (2016)

Barnard Castle
30' x 81' (9m x 24m)

21. Backyard Garden (2016)

Thunder Bay
27' x 19' (8m x 6m)
Potager inspired kitchen garden

22. Plan 1 (2016)

53' x 28' (16m x 8m)
plant all the things!

23. Steve's Garden (2016)

Ridgecrest Ca. (High Desert)
37' x 11' (11m x 3m)
Home Garden

24. 57A v1 (2016)

43' x 26' (13m x 8m)
Allotment. Half plot approx 44ft x 27ft, no shade, south is to right side of plan. Paths outlined in grey. Shed alongside compost bins.

25. Crystal's 2nd Plan (2016)

Our backyard
34' x 29' (10m x 9m)
Salad garden