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1. Elena Mironcuic (2017)

Elk Grove, Ca
49' x 49' (15m x 15m)
Garden box 1 - in the far left corner of the yard. Size of the box is 3.5'x10' placed in the corner opposite the small citrus tree. Garden box 2 - on the right side of yard against the back brick wall. Size of the box is 2.5'x12'. Garden box 3 - against the wood fence nearest the gate on the right side of yard. This box is 3'x14' with a slight angle in the middle and allows for more planting space. Each garden box is 1.5' tall and is calculated according to these specifications in each estimate. Each have a proposed idea of what can be grown in these locations.

2. Cartier - Vegetable (2017)

TVDSB - Cartier School
74' x 25' (22m x 7m)
Proposed - Vegetable garden is planned for spring planting 2017. The area has been designated for this purpose and prepared using the sheet mulching process. The drawing is to scale and dimensions are accurate. Submitted by Mr. Cousins

3. test (2017)

3' x 11' (1m x 3m)

4. back fence (2017)

Kennewick, WA
39' x 9' (12m x 3m)
garden for kids, goats, and chickens

5. The alternate (2017)

Fishers, Indiana
43' x 21' (13m x 6m)
I would appreciate some feedback on this plan. I really struggle with the planning. I've combined four square foot boxes with eight half barrels, four potato pots and some smaller posts. The strawberries on either side of the corn are in hanging pots. There is drip irrigation with 1/4" tubing throughout the garden, in all boxes and pots.

6. Cary1 (2017)

Callaway backyard
10' x 10' (3m x 3m)
First vegetable garden ever.

7. pasture (2017)

Kennewick, WA
39' x 29' (12m x 9m)
garden for kids, goats, and chickens

8. House Family Garden (2017)

Scott and Gaby's Home
48' x 19' (14m x 6m)
Our Family Garden

9. First year 4 raised beds (2017)

Vashon, WA
39' x 19' (12m x 6m)
First year vegetable and herb garden in four raised beds

10. Welly (2017)

29' x 17' (9m x 5m)

11. Riccio (2017)

33' x 18' (10m x 5m)

12. Cocozza (2017)

29' x 17' (9m x 5m)

13. Zapata Albino (2017)

Puerto Rico
29' x 26' (9m x 8m)

14. garden 1 (2017)

49' x 71' (15m x 21m)
small work garden for 2017

15. Coustillet (2017)

36' x 17' (11m x 5m)

16. front garden (2017)

90' x 74' (27m x 22m)
frnt garden

17. Macey (2017)

42' x 17' (12m x 5m)

18. raised bed (2017)

49' x 32' (15m x 10m)
This will be the second year of my raised beds. I grow plants for food and for fun, of course.

19. Side Yard Garden (2017)

Salisbury, MD
49' x 49' (15m x 15m)
2016 Veggie Garden

20. Raised bed veg garden (2017)

eastern shore maryland
33' x 17' (10m x 5m)
2017 veg garden

21. Spring Raised Bed 1 (2017)

Backyard 2017
29' x 29' (9m x 9m)
Mixture of raised bed and container gardening in backyard. Multiple rotations throughout year.

22. Allotment SS (2017)

Cumbria Fells Allotment 2017
81' x 65' (24m x 19m)
Mix of traditional layout, raised beds and containers (new 2017) Irrigation system with timer for all covered areas 2 large polytunnels Four seasons allotment SpringSummer :: AutumnWinter

23. Vegetable Plot (2017)

34' x 52' (10m x 16m)
Mark and Marys Vegetable Garden

24. Front Garden (2017)

Margretes vei 9B, nesøya
52' x 29' (16m x 8m)
Forsøk på en hage med noe som kommer ut av den.

25. Hope's backyard Garden (2017)

37' x 21' (11m x 6m)
Esperanza's Garden