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1. Thomson (2015)

29' x 17' (9m x 5m)

2. Veggies ! (2015)

Washington, NJ
29' x 14' (9m x 4m)
Our 2015 Vegtable Garden.. so far

3. Christ Church Community Garden (2015)

Toms River Christ Episcipol Church
59' x 29' (18m x 9m)
Community Church Garden

4. Vikingland reboot (2015)

Indiana County
74' x 29' (22m x 9m)
Vikingland Reboot

5. Our 1st greenthumb Garden (2015)

Beaverton, Oregon
6' x 6' (2m x 2m)
small space available so we used every inch possible when placing vegetable options

6. Dirty Girl's Garden (2015)

city garden
19' x 39' (6m x 12m)
Gettin Down...Gettin Dirty.

7. Initial (2015)

Wells Family Garden
7' x 53' (2m x 16m)
First year of getting the garden up and running. Going to be a lot of work but really excited.

8. Backyard (2015)

Salt Lake City, Utah
43' x 19' (13m x 5m)
My first attempt at growing a garden!

9. 1 (2015)

My house
24' x 24' (7m x 7m)
If only it would look this pretty!

10. garden (2015)

huntsville utah
37' x 15' (11m x 4m)
my garden plan

11. flanary garden (2015)

24' x 19' (7m x 6m)
veggie garden

12. Veg Garden (2015)

Long Island NY
24' x 59' (7m x 18m)

13. 9 x 25 Garden (2015)

24' x 8' (7m x 2m)
Raised bed 9 x 25 garden

14. Pete's Garden (2015)

Antioch, IL
21' x 14' (6m x 4m)
Pete's fist garden. Lilac is very mature and we did not want to move it. This was the only location we could have a garden this year so we planted around it.

15. Family Garden (2015)

family garden
22' x 19' (7m x 6m)
Garden 2015 revised...

16. Sickles Garden (2015)

sickles garden spring '15
16' x 21' (5m x 6m)

17. yard (2015)

Sheboygan, WI
50' x 70' (15m x 21m)
amanda's garden rough draft

18. Johnny X (2015)

Brigantine, NJ
4' x 14' (1m x 4m)
Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, and Herbs

19. Palestine Community Garden (2015)

501 S Ellis Drive, Pallestine, IL 62451
92' x 92' (28m x 28m)
An ambitious undertaking to be sure, the Palestine Community Garden provides free produce to the local food pantry 2 days a week. Vegetables harvested on Friday are often sold at the Main Street Market with the proceeds going back into the project. Volunteers also share in the harvest . This year the garden has been converted to raised beds thanks to a grant from the Presbytery of Southeast Illinois. It is hoped this will make the garden easier to manage and more productive. It is a work in progess and volunteers are always welcome! Sponsored by First Presbyterian Church

20. OrtoCabanon (2015)

9' x 18' (3m x 5m)
Orto nella fascia presso il Cabanon (Camogli)

21. Backyard - take 2 (2015)

52' x 40' (15m x 12m)
This version is for the irrigation system design


New Paris, Ohio
61' x 29' (18m x 8m)
Summer/Spring 2015 Garden

23. Berry (2015)

Cranmoor Allotment
65' x 45' (20m x 14m)

24. Home (2015)

Parkville, MD
19' x 24' (5m x 7m)
20 x 26 Backyard Garden

25. Heaviland Garden (2015)

9' x 13' (3m x 4m)
The Heavilands 1st Garden Ever. We are hoping we can eat one item this year!