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Raised bed gardens with an emphasis on companion planting with the new tool. Soil is so-so but manure and compost and lime helped and will add more this year. Wondering about the problem of rotating crops next year but I hope the benefit of attracting beneficials will override that. I've got a three sisters garden (corn, beans and squash) and onions planted everywhere to help ward off pests. There are all the flowers that attract beneficials that I could fit in. I think it will take a lot of time to plant - but I am looking forward to it! Using the plant list now to organize my seed starts - Onions and leeks and shallots are up and waving! I have notes on seed starting on my plant list page. NOTE: Since I wrote this I have made changes to keep the groundhog, primarily putting all the onion family and many herbs/flowers where he came in last year.

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Georgetown,MA 30x30 Town Garden Plot
Garden Size: 27' 11" x 33' 11"
Garden Type: Community garden
Garden Layout: Square Foot Garden
Sun or Shade: Sunny
Garden Soil Type: -

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberPlants per Square FootNotes
Alyssum 549start early
Basil 174a few start early then sow directly a few early inside start, then direct seed for later
Beans (Bush Snap) 909direct seed
Beans (Lima) 369direct seed
Beans (Pole) 248direct seed
Beet 2439direct seed
Bok Choy 84direct seed
Borage 21start early or buy plants 2
Broccoli 101start early
Brussels Sprouts 121start early
Cabbage (Spring Red) 91start early
Cabbage (Spring) 151start early
Calendula 164start early
Carrot 44816direct seed, interplant radish
Cauliflower 81start early
Celeriac 244start early or direct seed
Celery 164start early
Chamomile 44buy one plant
Cilantro 11 
Collards 244start early
Cornflower 164start early optional
Cosmos 324start early optional
Cucumber 202direct seed
Dill 314direct seed
Eggplant 11 
Endive 164direct seed
Fennel 324start early optional
Garlic 549fall plant
Kale 181start early optional
Kohlrabi 369direct seed
Leek 819started
Lettuce (Crisphead) 334buy a six pak and start rest in place
Lettuce (Leaf) 369ditto
Marigold 484start early optional
Muskmelon 10direct seed
Nasturtium 254direct seed but try early start warm, soak
Onion 1004plants started
Onions (Red) 604plants started
Other (Small) 189direct seed
Parsley 24buy 6 pk
Parsnip 639sow direct, cover with a board to keep moist.
Peas 1708direct
Pepper 101start early
Radish 9716seed
Rhubarb 20in
Shallots 10216plants stsarted
Squash (Summer) 21seed
Squash (Winter) 20seed
Sunflower 71seed
Swiss Chard 244seed direct in ground or if roots will not be disturbed
Tatsoi 24direct sow
Tomato (Large) 101start early
Turnip 819direct seed
Watermelon 10direct seed
Zinnia 51direct seed
Zucchini 21direct seed

Planting Times

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