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51. Christine Osterhout (2023)

24' x 14' (7m x 4m)
Christine Osterhout

52. Nova Katz (2022)

Downtown Sacramento
34' x 24' (10m x 7m)
Nova Katz

53. Spring Garden (2018)

Live Oak FL
59' x 49' (18m x 15m)
Spring garden

54. Mandala Garden 1 (2017)

Gippsland Victoria Australia
49' x 49' (15m x 15m)
Mandala Garden created to optimize production. The gardens are created to produce food for the underprivliged who dont have availibity to frest veggies due to various circumstances. The garden is heavily planted in staple food types like potato, carrots, onions, pumpkin, beans, cabbage and corn. All the beds are created using a no-dig method.

55. Veggie Patch (2017)

Gippsland, Victoria Australia
26' x 29' (8m x 8m)
The garden is designed to specifically feed hungry underprivileged people within a community. Lots of staple food, there are 4 gardens in total. This one is the Veggie Patch

56. Greenhouse area (2018)

Maplewood, Minnesota
19' x 14' (6m x 4m)
Greenhouse on a patio. Trenches dug into ground, with 2 levels of shelves above to maximize space.

57. living waters (2017)

510 South 8th Street Hamilton, OH
92' x 92' (28m x 28m)
Urban orchard for Hamilton Living Water Ministries

58. New home (2018)

93' x 93' (28m x 28m)
Surrounding home in hillside. Front is terraced, layered, with some things in raised beds. Back herbs surround deck on north side of home. The walnut tree and peach tree are already planted. To the east of this garden/home area is a large octoganol structure with kiwi and grape vines surrounding two hanging swing chairs

59. VEGEPODS (2017)

My Vegeod garden
61' x 29' (18m x 8m)
Agarde that includes Vegepods and conventional raised beds

60. Garden (2018)

This is my 2018 Summer Garden Plans
52' x 19' (16m x 6m)
This year im goingto transform my whole entire yard from usless trees and shrubs to fruits, vegetables, herbs and a few chicken. Starting off with a 20' by 14' greenhouse with raised beds. I will be installing 3 compost bens and 2 water barrels to catch rain.

61. Drapkin Garden Boxes (2017)

Drapkin Ohana Residence
20' x 15' (6m x 4m)
2, 4'x4' raised garden boxes for annual veggies Herbs in pots

62. Back Yard Vegetable Garden (2018)

Regina, Saskatchewan
36' x 33' (11m x 10m)
Vegetable and fruit garden

63. Main garden (2017)

Plantersville, TX
39' x 84' (12m x 25m)
Home vegetable and herb garden

64. Mountain Garden (2017)

Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado
79' x 49' (24m x 15m)
High Mountain Vegetable Garden

65. Orchard Design Shafer Ave (2017)

2680 SHAFFER AVE Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
91' x 69' (28m x 21m)
2680 SHAFFER AVE Orchard Design - ARG 135 Summer17

66. Zipper (2017)

42' x 21' (12m x 6m)

67. Companion garden (2017)

62' x 32' (19m x 10m)
Companion garden

68. Moms Garden (2017)

55' x 36' (17m x 11m)
D & M Garden

69. Lana Kesmodel (2022)

24' x 34' (7m x 10m)
Lana Kesmodel

70. Danielle Read2 (2022)

29' x 19' (9m x 6m)
Danielle Read

71. Danielle Read (2022)

24' x 21' (7m x 6m)
Danielle Read

72. Tomato Trial (2017)

Midway Hills Christian Church
39' x 9' (12m x 3m)
Master Gardener Project - Rain Catcher Garden at Midway Hill Christian Church. Tomato Test

73. Walsh (2017)

42' x 30' (12m x 9m)

74. Fall Winter Garden (2017)

Central Florida
40' x 30' (12m x 9m)
Backyard Vegetable Garden

75. Summit Housing - inground (2017)

Memorial Park, Oakville
58' x 30' (17m x 9m)
Summit Housing - allotment plot #48