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26. Harley Waggoner Veg/herb Garden (2018)

50' x 25' (15m x 7m)

27. Topiary Kitchen Garden Spring Summer1 (2017)

Topiary Kitchen Garden
65' x 32' (20m x 10m)
Updated version of 2017/18 Topiary Kitchen Garden (Summer)

28. Allotment (2018)

Weaste Allotments
30' x 38' (9m x 11m)
Raised beds

29. Konner (2018)

34' x 24' (10m x 7m)

30. Ramsgate allotment plot 17 Spring (2018)

23' x 85' (7m x 26m)

31. Ramsgate allotment plot spring17b (2018)

23' x 89' (7m x 27m)

32. Open Area (2018)

Billings, MT
79' x 91' (24m x 28m)
St. Andrew Community Garden - Open Area 2018

33. South Raised Beds (2018)

Billings, MT
39' x 50' (12m x 15m)
St. Andrew Community Garden South Raised Beds 2018

34. North Raised Beds (2018)

Billings MT
41' x 50' (12m x 15m)
St. Andrew Community Garden South Raised Beds 2018

35. Krediet/Shay (2018)

42' x 35' (12m x 10m)

36. Les Creux Allotment (2018)

19' x 65' (6m x 20m)
My Allotment

37. New Herb Garden (2018)

New Herb Garden
36' x 53' (11m x 16m)
A 50' x 37' garden of beds with wood chip mulched walkways. The upper right corner has a hoophouse in season for growing ginger.

38. Henion Garden (2018)

Ocala, FL
27' x 11' (8m x 3m)
Backyard Homestead Garden

39. Andys Allotment1 (2018)

29' x 39' (9m x 12m)

40. Muddy1 (2018)

Muddy Boots Therapeutic Garden
78' x 45' (24m x 14m)
Muddy Boots is a community garden consisting of a large greenhouse, raised beds and some areas on a traditional layout. We use the garden for community events as well as growing vegtable and flowers which we market at the nursery stage, allowing us to grow a variety for our use and a small number of callers in to the garden.

41. mi huerto (2018)

Estacion Huehuetan
22' x 9' (7m x 3m)
My first home garden

42. Kev& Michele's Veggie Patch (2018)

30 Mitchell Avenue Thornaby North Yorkshire
43' x 29' (13m x 8m)
Kev and Michele's Veggie Patch 2018

43. Barbara's square foot garden (2018)

29' x 31' (9m x 9m)
Raised bed fruit and vegetable garden.

44. Arledge (2018)

60' x 25' (18m x 7m)

45. GDN1 (2017)

29' x 54' (9m x 16m)
Sharon's Vegetable garden

46. Munson Park (2018)

Munson Park Community Garden
59' x 19' (18m x 6m)
Proposed perennial garden for Munson Park

47. tabla 1 (2017)
65' x 49' (19m x 15m)
tabla 1

48. Volkstuin plot22a (2018)

49' x 19' (15m x 6m)
95 m2

49. Vegetable Garden (2018)

South Side of Deck
31' x 51' (9m x 15m)
Organic vegetable and herb garden Indiana Z6a. Raised beds are made with 2" thick x 12"w untreated pine boards. Brown outline is 4x4x8 lumber creating a border which will eventually be a fence. Leaves in beds are being composted for future planting. Wooden trellises represent 7'h x 4'w cattle panel pieces with movable conduit frames. Arch trellises between beds and at garden entrance are arched cattle panels. Interior pathways are covered with cardboard and mulched with wood chips. Sink is sunken into a potter's bench with a lid and a bucket with spigot and drainhose underneath.

50. Holmes (2018)

42' x 21' (12m x 6m)